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Indoor Air Quality and Mold Testing and Consultation

Helix Environmental, Inc. performs indoor air quality investigations in residential, commercial and industrial buildings to evaluate existing conditions and identify the sources of indoor air quality problems. Helix Environmental, Inc. also responds to emergency situations involving immediate health threats to building occupants and can document acceptable air quality to permit expedient re-occupancy. Helix Environmental, Inc. assists building owners and managers to identify air quality problems and specify corrective engineering and administrative controls.

Investigations may include the following:

  • Documentation of employee concerns and history of activities in the building that may affect indoor air quality
  • Identification and evaluation of sources of chemical air contaminants including measurements of diagnostic air quality parameters for carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other identified chemical air contaminants.
  • Evaluation of microbial contamination including the identification of growths such as Stachybotrys, Aspergillus, Legionella, Histoplasma and other microorganisms.
  • Inspection and evaluation of ventilation systems serving complaint areas.
  • Evaluation of physical stressors that could affect perceptions of indoor air quality, such as temperature and humidity levels, lighting, noise, vibration, or ergonomic stresses.
  • Development of corrective action specifications, surveillance of contractors performing remediation and final inspections and testing to document acceptable conditions.

Since psychosocial stresses are often exacerbated by indoor air quality complaints, Helix Environmental, Inc. assists clients in the selection and implementation of communication programs that will work best in their particular situation. Psychosocial stresses can be minimized by frequent and regular communication to involve the affected occupants.


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