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Hazardous Waste Consultation

Around the nation, thousands of hazardous waste sites have been under scrutiny as a potential liability for present and former users. Many of these sites must be restored to clean conditions to protect human health and the environment. Current generators of hazardous waste must also ensure that their waste is properly managed and disposed of, since the generator’s liability for hazardous wastes is perpetual. Waste minimization programs are now becoming the subject of increased enforcement efforts.

The remediation of hazardous waste sites presents significant challenges to the site owners, especially in terms of worker safety and health. First, in order to safeguard worker health, all employees at a hazardous waste remediation site must receive annual training in work operations, personal protective equipment, health and safety hazards and emergency response procedures (29 CFR 1910.120).

Secondly, a written site health and safety program must be developed for employees at hazardous waste operations to identify, evaluate and control health and safety hazards. Site-specific health and safety plans must also be developed.

All waste sites change constantly as the remediation effort progresses, and the initial safety and health practices may not always be appropriate for a changing site. Health and safety plans must be revised as new site hazards are identified, and personal monitoring must be updated as well. Because of the changing nature of hazardous waste remediation sites, health and safety officers are needed during all site operations, to implement the health and safety plans and revise them as needed to address new hazards. Rigorous daily on-site inspections and exposure monitoring by experienced industrial hygiene personnel provides the best possible insurance that workers will not be overexposed to health hazards, and that the documentation to prove safe working conditions will be available in the future.

Helix Environmental, Inc. brings to its projects years of expertise gained in hazardous waste site operations and asbestos abatement projects, from the perspective of industrial hygienists and occupational health professionals.

Other projects have included the provision of site health and safety oversight at “Superfund” and private waste remediation sites, air sampling and analysis for personnel and boundary line locations, the evaluation of chemical contaminants at both industrial and construction sites, and workplace and community noise studies.


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