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Asbestos and Lead Testing and Consultation

Asbestos and lead were widely used in the United States in buildings and heating systems until relatively recently. Helix Environmental, Inc. provides asbestos and lead consulting services aimed at reducing building owners' potential problems with these materials until they are removed from the buildings and disposed of properly.

Helix Environmental, Inc. surveys existing buildings to identify asbestos and lead-containing materials and then assists the building owner by developing a cost-effective approach to the management of these materials. Training is offered for custodial and maintenance workers to ensure that these workers do not disturb these materials. If corrective actions are necessary to control asbestos and lead hazards, Helix Environmental, Inc. can develop plans and specifications to allow licensed and certified contractors to bid on and perform corrective actions in accordance with applicable regulations. Since the building owner is responsible for asbestos and lead hazards at their properties, it is imperative that the abatement contractor be continuously monitored by experienced consultants during the entire abatement operation.

Helix staff includes Certified Industrial Hygienists and professional industrial hygienists and technicians, all accredited by the Ohio Department of Health as Asbestos Hazard Evaluation Specialists or Lead Risk Assessors. Staff also maintain asbestos and lead lecensure in other states. Our consultants can collect air samples outside of the work area during abatement in order to document that no detectable asbestos or lead was released by the abatement and perform final visual inspections and air and/or wipe sampling to demonstrate that all of the materials were properly removed, in accordance with the specifications and all applicable federal, state and local regulations.

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